UPDATED Super Nutrition Academy Review

Less than an Hour Per Week to Completely Understand and Master your Nutritional Intake?  Well, that’s what Yuri Elkaim is Claiming You’ll Learn with His Revolutionary 12 Month Course Super Nutrition Academy….

Let’s be serious for a moment.  We get bombarded from every angle with the latest ‘fad’ eating crazes.  From “grazing” to “fasting” : “protein” to “carbs” – it’s not surprising that many of us don’t have a clue what really is the best and healthiest diet to eat.  So now that Yuri Elkaim has jumped on the nutrition bandwagon with his 12 month, 1 hour a week learning strategy, you’ll excuse us if we approach it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

But, fair’s fair, after all.  So we’ve attempted to put our cynicism to one side and give the guy the benefit of the doubt when reviewing his product.  Read on to discover our no holds barred Super Nutrition Academy review.

super nutrition academy review Super Nutrition Academy Review   Is Yuri Elkaims Program Good?

What do you get for your money?

Well, we do like the fact that Super Nutrition Academy is provided in different learning formats – that’s a big plus.  We all have preferential ways of taking in information, so it’s nice to receive the course in video, audio and text form.  That way you can learn in your favored manner – and perhaps utilize more than one of the formats.

The course itself consists of 12 modules, each taking a month to complete and consisting of one lesson per week that will take up 30-60 minutes of your time.

  • Module #1 – The Fundamentals of Energy Nutrition and Carbohydrates.  Starting with the basics – how nutrition provides energy and the way nature provides this to us.  Here you’ll learn the difference between “good” and “bad” carbs, and those deadly sugars that you should keep well away from.
  •  Module #2- Protein.  Pretty much as the title suggests – here you learn about different qualities, sources and digestibility of the various protein food sources.  You’ll also discover the dangers of high protein diets, and the direct link between muscle building and protein.
  •  Module #3 – Fats.  No – it’s not a dirty word, because certain fats are essential for good health.  You’ll discover the truth behind many commonly believed fat myths, understand the truth about cholesterol, along with the effects of high fat diets on your body composition.
  •  Module #4 – Vitamins and Minerals.  Not only does this section cover the essential human need for various vitamins and minerals, but also the dangers of having too much or too little.  It also covers the difference between gaining these from the foods you eat or from diet supplementation.
  • Module #5 – Digestion, Elimination and Intestinal Healthy.  Because it really is a case of “healthy on the inside, healthy on the outside!”
  • Module #6 – Immunology, Allergies and Disease.  With so many people suffering from nutrition based health conditions, this essential section will tell you all you need to know about the direct relationship between your diet and various auto-immune conditions and allergies.
  • Module #7 – How to Heal and Prevent Disease and Become Your Doctor.  OK, you won’t suddenly become an MD. overnight, but this section covers great ways to diagnose and heal your own health conditions.  It also covers other essential nutrition protocols to combat various 21st century illnesses and diseases.
  • Module #8 – Weight Loss, Metabolism and Hormones.  Not just your regular information, but specifically targeted to help you understand the difference between men and women, and how today’s man differs from those in the past.
  • Module #9 – The Dark Side of Food.  And how the food industry tricks us into believing we’re eating healthily when we’re not.
  • Module #10 – Detoxification, Fasting and Life Extension.  This module goes deeper into such aspects as heavy metal toxicity, fasting, fat loss and whether cellular detoxification really is the “cure-all” it’s said to be.
  • Module #11 – Mind-Body Connection and Behavioral Change.  Delve into your inner psyche and understand how your own self-image can affect how efficiently your body heals.  This section also covers food addictions, and how the correct diet can actively fortify your brain.
  • Module #12 – Super Foods, Super Nutrients and Natural Remedies.  Exactly as it sounds – learn all about the best foods you can and should be eating on a regular basis.

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Who is it for?

Super Nutrition Academy is aimed at those health-conscious individuals who really want to understand more about nutrition.  In fact, if you’re the type of person who not only likes to be told what you should eat for good health, but the reason why, then this is a course aimed directly at you.

But as well as those who want to eat their way to good health, we think that Super Nutrition Academy is ideally suited to those who work in the fitness industry – either as a professional or an enthusiastic amateur.  Because we all know that diet is as important (or even more so), than the exercise that you do.  For the very best and most rapid results, exercise combined with the correct nutrition can lead to almost miraculous body shape changes – something that every fitness instructor, personal trainer or anyone whose job it is to get others into condition needs to know about.

Who is Yuri Elkaim?

yuri elkaim Super Nutrition Academy Review   Is Yuri Elkaims Program Good?Yuri is a health guru with over 13 years of clinical experience working with clients and their nutritional needs.  Every aspect of Super Nutrition Academy is backed up with the latest in scientific research, and he’s taken college and doctorate level learning and chopped it up into bite sized, understandable chunks for the regular lay-person to be able to understand.

He’s backed by some of the most well-known names in the world of fitness, including Dave Ruel and Jeff Anderson, along with a whole bundle of medical doctors who advocate the information contained in Super Nutrition Academy.

The Pros

  • Super Nutrition Academy is simple to understand.  By providing scientifically proven information in everyday language, you don’t need to enroll on a science course just to be able to understand what on earth the course is talking about.
  • This really is a “stripped bare” look at nutrition.  There’s absolutely no bull**** about telling you the truth about the food industry.  In fact, the truth is actually pretty scary – and once you’ve completed this course you’ll never approach grocery shopping in the same way again.
  • Combine the information you’ll learn in Super Nutrition Academy with a decent exercise regime, and be prepared to see your results sky rocket to levels you wouldn’t believe possible.
  • Whilst it takes a year to complete, you don’t have to sacrifice hours of your precious spare time each month to carry out the work required in each module.
  • By providing the course in text, audio and video format, it covers everyone’s favorite method of learning.  You can even listen in the car or on your iPod on the way to work.

The Cons

  • OK – if we have to by hyper-critical here, Super Nutrition Academy simply covers the “whys and wherefores” of nutrition.  It’s not a cooking or recipe course – but you’re not going to buy it for that, in all honesty.
  • But the real “con,” if you can consider it that, is how the food, health and diet industry has been conning people for years.  If you religiously shop for “the healthy option” each week, be prepared to be horrified at what you’ve been putting into your body.  You’ll never eat so-called diet food again…

The Bottom Line

Well, considering we were expecting Super Nutrition Academy to be re-hash of old news, simply in a different format, let’s say that we’re pleasantly surprised by what we’ve seen.  In fact, we’ll go as far as to say that our cynical mind-set has been completely pushed to one side, because this really is a nutritional education that everyone should know.

In fact, we’ll be pretty sure that the food industry as a whole will be hoping that this is one program that doesn’t go viral – because if it does, they’ll probably be a riot.  Not only will this help you to look better, feel better and get into shape faster, but eating correctly (really correctly, not food industry correctly) could really be the answer to some of the modern day ailments that afflict so many people today.

Well done, Yuri – for letting the cat out of the bag…

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Who Is Yuri Elkaim of Super Nutrition Academy?

by admin on February 13, 2012

Yuri Elkaim, a fitness coach and health coach has come along way to get where he is today and he has applied all he knows to his unique program called the Super Nutrition Academy. Yuri is known for giving helpful tips on the best means for keeping fit and acquiring the most out of your body. yuri elkaim super nutrition academy Who Is Yuri Elkaim of Super Nutrition Academy?

Yuri Elkaim was born and brought up in Toronto Canada and at the tender age of 4 years fell in love with soccer which he played for many years with the main aim of becoming the best player. Some years latter his dream of playing professional soccer came true when he was signed up by LOSC lille, one of the best football team in France. This dream was short lived as his transfer deal to Amien FC failed because of some weird reasons.

After one year of professional football play, he was back home working as a trainer for various clients. His original dream did not involve him becoming a professional trainer; instead Yuri Elkaim worked hard to maintain a healthy body which made it possible for him to beat his competitors off and on the field. He never aspired to become a bodybuilder either because it would not help him much on the pitch. While in the university of Toronto, he studied physical health & kinesiology which is the study of the human movement & performance under the best professors and doctors in Canada including the late Dr. Goode and Dr. Goodman among other.

During his second year in the university of Toronto, Yuri Elkaim secured his first job as a personal trainer. This was his first encounter with clients and he got to share what he had learned over the years plus he helped clients get into shape using various fitness programs he had put together and within no time he was the most sought after trainer in the gym. The clients were lining up waiting for his services. He launched the first MP3 fitness program with the main goal of having the clients exercise as instructed by his voice. This idea was convenient for many of his clients as it fit perfectly in their schedules.

He followed up this idea with a website meant to provide various strict and thorough fitness regime accessible by everyone. This was his calling and his true passion. Yuri Elkaim used his training as a professional soccer player to create a regime which various individuals can execute on their own and get solid results when they implemented his routine properly. He also realized that someone can be fit but unhealthy so he stressed on the importance of consuming the right nutritious food stuff. On his website he has various products which elaborate more on what you should eat in order to use the maximum amount of energy the body can produce.   And the collection of all and his top program is now the Super Nutrition Academy.


Super Foods – Everything You Need To Know

by admin on February 12, 2012

The Super Nutrition Academy by Yuri Elkaim touches on many subjects about one’s diet and one thing many people neglect to include in their diets is super foods.

Generally whenever you hear the word ‘Super’ you will think of something that exceeds natural expectations. Superman, for instance, exceeds the natural expectations of a6722217473 a280ca164c m Super Foods   Everything You Need To Know man. Supercars are cars that outperform regular  cars. So what about Super Foods? What makes them so special compared to ‘Regular Foods’? Well, the easiest way of looking at it is this: Super Foods are just so much better for you than regular foods simply because of the way they are composed and balanced. A diet made up mostly of super foods will prove to be an absolute blessing for your system. Everybody has their opinions on just which super foods you need to be eating, and how much of them you need to be eating!

Why Super Foods?

I suppose the real question is, what makes super foods… well… super? The most important aspect of these foods is the way they are balanced. Super foods are extremely low on calories (Already sounding good, isn’t it?) but then, they are also highly packed with nutrients. And although super might imply unnatural; they are 100% natural! These foods are not altered or modified in any way to become “Super”, they turn out this way completely naturally. Think of it as a gift from Mother Nature!

Which Foods are These?

There is a wide array of super foods out there, ranging from nuts, to herbs, to fruits, to seeweed!  Some quick research can help you identify some of the most common ones out there, and some of the most highly recommended. You will probably find that you already have some super foods In your household already (Foods such as apples and eggs!) while you will probably find that there are other foods that you would like to be having more regularly in your diet.

Although the word “Super” might suggest otherwise, it’s not altogether impossible to have these foods in your household, and in your diet plan either! A lot of super foods are available at your local super markets, you just have to be aware of what you’re looking for! Depending on where you are living, you may find that you have access to a nature store, or something similar, that happens to sell the purest freshly picked foods. You will find that they have a wider variety of super foods available for you to choose from. It’s simply up to you how you want to implement them in your diet!

What Do they Do for me?

As I’ve already mentioned, they are packed in nutrients but very low on calories. We’ve heard the saying “An Apple a Day Keeps The Doctor Away” (In fact, I had a teacher who used to recommend two apples a day!) it may be cliché but it’s with good reason! Apples are great for your skin and gums, and one apple contains ¼ of your recommended vitamin C dosage!

Most super foods like Olive oil and tea are rich in antioxidants, which, simply put, will keep you looking younger- who can say no to that? Other foods are filled with certain nutrients and bacteria that are not immediately broken down with the rest of the food, and instead dwell in your stomach keeping your system stronger.

I could go on about the many things that super foods will do for you, but the simple fact is that they are great for your body and your general lifestyle. It would not be a half bad idea to start introducing more and more of them into your regular diet plan. After all, a healthier lifestyle will help you live longer- who doesn’t want that?

If you would like to learn everything you can about diet and nutrition then you need to learn more about Yuri Elkaim’s Super Nutrition Academy.


More About A Raw Food Diet

by admin on February 12, 2012

So you want to learn about a raw food diet?  Well Yuri Elkaim of the Super Nutrition Academy is a leading expert on eating a raw food diet.  Have you ever asked yourself what people did before they cooked? “Did they really just eat food raw? How did they survive?” The truth is, yes, they ate most of their food raw. And in fact, that served to help them live longer as a result! Raw food diets may sound a little farfetched at first; but practically, they work wonders for your health and your body. If you eat most of your food raw it is more organic, less processed, and simply more natural. After all, the human body itself is a natural being, is it not? Therefore it’s only logical that it would react better to more natural foods than more processed foods!

First things first…

A lot of people are put off by the idea of raw food from the get go. I should clarify that (Although my previous example might have suggested it!) raw food diets are not for the75797080 7ca0eeabea m More About A Raw Food Diet uncivilised! There are many raw food recipes out there, plenty of them full of flavour and excitement too. The trick is to find the dishes that suit you. For instance, I will eat a salad all day without any problem, and I can notice it visibly improving my health over time. Sushi, however, has no effect on me whatsoever; not to mention, I don’t particularly enjoy most sushi dishes! The other thing you have to remember is, a lot of people on raw food diets are not eating strictly raw foods. You can still be on your diet but occasionally have a steak or a chicken wing!

What will A Raw Food Diet Do for Me?

It’s largely dependent on your cause to be honest. Why are you embarking on this raw food diet? For some people, such as myself, it’s to aid fitness and metabolism. A lot of the fibre in raw foods helps speed up your metabolism, and if you’re doing the right workouts to complement this diet, you’ll find yourself managing to maintain a very lean, shapely figure.

Raw Food Diets have also been proven to help combat obesity and are effective for weight loss regimes as well. The reason why these diets seem to help your body is because when you heat food up past a certain temperature, it kills off the enzymes that aid your digestion. If you’re eating more raw foods in your diet, you’re digesting food easier and you’re therefore taking more effective measures towards your weight loss.

…Will it still taste good?

OF COURSE! Have a look on the internet, do some research, and you’ll find that most raw food recipes have been designed to taste good. What’s the point of eating if you’re not going to enjoy it, right? These foods are at their natural, untouched best and will be rich not only in nutritional value, but in flavour as well!

A raw food diet will do wonders for you if you implement it correctly. It’s completely flexible too, you can choose to diet with the foods you enjoy, and set them up to suit your taste buds! Give it a shot and be surprised!

If you are ready to learn more about this and everything else related to food, nutrition and diet then you will want to see more from the Super Nutrition Academy.


Super Nutrition Academy is almost here…

February 4, 2012

If you have heard of Yuri Elkaim then you will definitely want to know more about the Super Nutrition Academy – his newest 12 month program.  At the end of February, he will allow new members access to this revolutionary program but before that I will give you the scoop on the program. I look at a lot [...]

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